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Load Bearing Bricks of Ashur Brick Now Available

A revolutionary wall solution using clay bricks that represents the future of construction in Kurdistan and Iraq utilizing the latest French technology that is cost effective, safe and long lasting. This wall solution can help save on your steel and concrete expenditures as it can handle vertical loads suitable for up to three floors depending on seismic loads and other live loads such as wind. This product has better heat and sound insulation than conventional materials while at the same time being lighter. High compressive strength bricks ≥ 7.5 N/mm2 enabling load bearing construction. Savings of structural cost as the concept reduces the columns.

Features of Ashur Brick Load Bearing Brick (200mm) :

  • Able to handle a minimum compressive strength of >7.5 megapascal or equivalent of more than 76 ton per unit of brick

  • Load Bearing Bricks are 40% lighter than conventional walling material such as concrete blocks thus allowing substantial savings on structural cost due to reduction in dead load. This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling.

  • High vertical bearing capacity suitable for houses up to G+1 with no column support depending on seismic load, wind load and other local conditions.

  • Dimension 200 mm (height) x 200 mm (width) x 400 mm (length)

  • Interlocking mechanism eliminates thermal bridge on a row of bricks horizontally and needs no added mortar for horizontal binding hence improving the thermal insulation.

  • Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation. This leads to direct savings on energy consumption on air consumption and heating devices

  • Low water absorption of <16%, thus minimal risk of dampness, cracks or shrinkage of walls

  • Non-susceptible to carbonation thus providing greater durability

  • Has an exceptionally long life, it doesn't burn as it is already fired at 900 degrees and has a fire rating of - 240 minutes.

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