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Consul General of France in Kurdistan Region visits Ashur Brick

Ashur Brick was delighted to host the Consul General of France in Kurdistan Region of Iraq Mr Olivier Decottignies and a delegation lead by the mayor of Chamchamal Mr Rmk Ramadhan Qadir accompanied by various department heads.

The primary reason for the visit to inspect the work that has been done over the years via collaboration of Ashur Brick a company based in Sulaymaniyah , Kurdistan Region and CLEIA SAS an well known french engineering company working on automation systems in the brick and ceramics industry.

Furthermore Mr Decottignies was briefed by the Ashur Brick team and the CLEIA team on the way the factory works and its multiple innovations in the construction materials area and the types of new products that could be introduced to the market once the plant becomes operational.

The Consul General of France expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the work that has been undertaken and said it showed a successful example of Kurdish-French partnership and cooperation. He reiterated his support for the project and said that he would encourage such collaborations between french and their local counterparts.

Ashur Brick is the largest single line manufacturing plant in Middle East with a capacity of over 1,200 tons of load bearing bricks per day and has been fully supported by french engineering expertise to bring the latest innovative technologies in brick manufacturing into Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The factory located between Chamchamal and Takiya in Sulaymaniyah Province and currently in production.

For more information about Ashur Brick and our products contact us on +964 770 780 0800 or email


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