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Ashur Brick holds several workshops in Iraq on latest brick technologies from Europe

In partnership with CLEIA S.A.S and with participation of several leading architects and engineers and experts in the construction industry in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Ashur Brick held several unique workshops to introduce the latest brick standards of Insulating Vertical Heat Insulating bricks.

CLEIA, French engineering company based in Burgundy, has built its international reputation in heavy clay sector, automation being its core business.

VSI clay bricks offer more comfortable housing and reduces construction cost and schedule, whilst helping the environment ; click here for all technical details VSI : Vertical holes / Structural (load bearing) / heat Insulating have several advantages as a construction material for walls including:

  • Healthy & comfortable 

  • natural clay, 

  • heat & sound insulated

  • no humidity nor heat transfer

  • High bearing capacity enabling up to four floors building

  • Lower construction cost thanks to savings on Steel, concrete and mortar  Formwork, manpower, masons, weight of building

  • Faster erection / reduced construction nuisance :Bricks are surfaced and glued.

  • Bricks from part of the structure, no formwork, steel in inserted within brick, concrete is casted within bricks

  • Suitable in seismic zones. "No risk" on % cement

  • Reduced air conditioning & heating cost thanks to high heat insulation

Below is a small gallery of the workshop and the presented materials.

Below is a small gallery of the participants:


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